Wire Harness & Assembly Manufacturing

Wire Harness and Assembly Production

Wire Harness & Assembly Manufacturing

Quality Wire Harnesses

Wire Tech, Ltd. owns and operates two manufacturing facilities in the United States to manufacture all wiring harnesses and assemblies. The production facilities utilize a combination of automated production with manual production to assure the fastest possible lead times while maintaining a zero-defects quality initiative. The delivery of flawless components is our goal, for every customer, every time.

Multi-Plant Production Capabilities

Cable Harness

Our manufacturing efficiency is derived from precise production scheduling which is backed up by two manufacturing plants that utilize a mix of automation and hand labor. Our plants are tooled to work with all common insulated and non-insulated terminals , and most standard OEM terminals. From wire cutting and splicing, to attaching molded components and creating sub-assemblies, our production facilities consistently meet our customer's lead times with reliable, high quality parts.

Manufacturers We Are Tooled For

  • AMP (TYCO)
  • ETC
  • JST
  • ETCO
Wire Harness and Assemblies

Cost Saving

Our prototyping professionals are trained to create wire harness and assembly designs that meet both quality standards and performance specifications, while paying attention to production costs. Our knowledge of component options coupled with great supplier relationships and refined procurement processes, mean that Wire Tech can consistently find ways to reduce material costs for wire, connectors, and other components.

Call us to learn more about our quality standards and why Wire Tech would be a great supplier for any company needing quality wire harnesses or assemblies.