Contested Divorce

When life circumstances change your existing terms may no longer be appropriate. A modification request can be the solution.

What is a Contested Divorce

A contested divorce happens when a spouse decides to aggressively fight the divorce petiton. A contested divorce in Georgia is a relatively lengthy and costly way to get a divorce. Anyone facing a contested divorce process should prepare for a highly stressful and expensive legal engagement.

A contested divorce is usually complicated and typically requires a lengthy and intense discovery and documentation process. There may be cause to hire private investigators, therapists, psychiatrists, family or marriage counselors, and other professionals.

Contested Divorce With a Child

Contested divorce with children are more expensive than without children. This is because of the added litigation required to resolve custody, visitation and support issues.

When a divorce case goes to trial it requires preparing and managing pre-trial discovery, filing motions, and representation at hearings. When a case goes to a trial there is a high degree of uncertainity as to the outcome.

How Long Does a Contested Divorce Take?

A contested divorce in Georgia often takes close to one year to settle. Highly contentious litigation drag on for 18 months or longer. Hiring a divorce lawyer with excellent negotiating skills is one of the best ways to control the conflict.

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